WordPress Auditing
And Security

Sometimes, all it takes is a fresh set of eyes in order to see possible opportunities for improvement to your WordPress website.

As WordPress experts, we know you cannot afford to have your customers hacked through security issues in your plugins. Find out how we can improve your website.

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Pinpoint Security Issues in WordPress Plugins Code

Through regular security code audits, our team of experienced developers will identify any security issues that could leave your WordPress website exposed to malicious hacks.

We will also provide recommendations on other plugins that will help secure your WordPress website.

Why else should you audit your WordPress site?

When it comes to improving your own website, sometimes it can be difficult to see the full picture.

As well as finding security cracks, a WPhosting audit offers perspective on your website’s performance, as a whole, including:


While improving the appearance isn't one of the primary goals of an audit, they are able to show flaws in appearance and what issues these cause.


A WordPress audit will highlight reasons why your website is taking so long to load or the time to first byte.


Audits are a fantastic way of spotting SEO improvements. Whether these are aspects that include adding correct tags and headings, or adding missing ALT tags to images

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